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Learn scientifically about Pilen

Explore and learn in our forum dedicated to biodiversity and conservation in 'El Secreto de Pilen'! Join a passionate community of scientists, researchers, and nature lovers as we discuss the latest findings, share knowledge, and debate the importance of protecting this precious natural treasure. Discover how science and collaboration are contributing to preserving this unique ecosystem for future generations! 🌱🔍🌎💡

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"Preserving the Natural Treasure of "The Secret of Pilen": Uniting Science and Conservation"

El Secreto de Pilen" is a private real estate project in Cauquenes that prioritizes nature conservation by allowing people to acquire areas of native forest, committing to protect them, and limiting tree removal to 5%. The houses must be self-sufficient and built with low environmental impact materials.

It stands out in the Maule region, where the Coastal Range has suffered serious impacts due to human intervention, with less than 1,000 hectares of native forests remaining. This project preserves tens of hectares of temperate forests and springs, crucial for Chilean biodiversity, hosting species such as the pudú and the copihue.

To optimize its conservation effort, the project collaborates with Dr. Rodrigo de Oliveira and Dr. Diego Pádua from the Catholic University of Maule. They will coordinate a study on forest fauna, seeking to understand and preserve these unique species. This collaboration reinforces the conservation proposal of the project and promotes a more conscious approach to nature in future real estate projects.

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Dr. Rodrigo de Oliveira and his wife Juliana Andrade

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